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 ras connection with windows ce 6
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Erstellt am: 25.02.2010 :  21:13:36 Uhr  Profil anzeigen  Antwort mit Zitat
i need an app to establish a gprs/edge connection because of a firmware bug of my mobile.
i own a meizu m8 ( running windows ce 6 with a gui made by meizu.
i am not able to find any app on the net to make this so i try to make it myself.
it is my first .net cf app. i am java coder since 10 years.
i am now able to read the ras-book from the registry. i can copy entrys and edit them. but
i am not able to connect.
here is my code:
BOOL MakeRasDial (HWND hDlgWnd)
BOOL bPassword;
DWORD dwError;
TCHAR szBuffer[100];
// Set hRasConn to NULL before attempting to connect.
hRasConn = NULL;
// Initialize the structure.
memset(&RasDialParams, 0, sizeof(RASDIALPARAMS));
RasDialParams.dwSize = sizeof(RASDIALPARAMS);
// RasDialParams.szPhoneNumber[0] = TEXT('\0');
// RasDialParams.szCallbackNumber[0] = TEXT('\0');
wsprintf(RasDialParams.szEntryName, TEXT("Desktop @ 115200"));
wsprintf(RasDialParams.szUserName, TEXT("">"));
wsprintf(RasDialParams.szPassword, TEXT("ppp"));
wsprintf(RasDialParams.szDomain, TEXT(""));
// Try to establish a RAS connection.
if ((dwError = RasDial (
NULL, // Extension is not supported in Windows CE
NULL, // Phone book is in the registry
&RasDialParams, // RAS configuration for the connection
0xFFFFFFFF, // Must use this value for Windows CE
hDlgWnd, // Window receives the notification message
&hRasConn)) != 0) // Connection handle
printf("Could not connect using RAS. Error %x",dwError);
wsprintf (szBuffer, TEXT("Could not connect using RAS. Error %x"),
MessageBox (hDlgWnd, szBuffer, szTitle, MB_OK);
return FALSE;
wsprintf (szBuffer, TEXT("Dialing %s..."), szRasEntryName);
// Set the dialing dialog box window name to szBuffer.
SetWindowText (hDlgWnd, szBuffer);
return TRUE;
but i get "Could not connect using RAS. Error 260" when i try to connect.
i do not find anyrhing about ras error 260 with google.
any ideas?
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